Scuba Diving

I did my first scuba diving training back in 1984. After the initial course I was doing a few dives, but never bought my own gear. Then scuba diving was forgotten.

In 2008 during a trip to Cebu, Philippines I took a new scuba diving course. This time with NAUI.

2012-08-20 17.14.38-4

Again I was a certified scuba diver.

A few months later during a trip to Boracay, Philippines it was time for the Advanced Open Water(AOW) Diver course:

2012-08-20 17.14.38-18

On the next trip to Boracay in 2009, I did my Enriched Air course or Nitrox.

2012-08-20 17.14.38-6

Boracay was nice and during the next visit it was time for 4 more specialty courses and the Rescue diver course.

2012-08-20 17.14.38-8

2012-08-20 17.14.38-16

2012-08-20 17.14.38-14

2012-08-20 17.14.38

2012-08-20 17.14.38-12

2012-08-20 17.14.38-2

With a number of dives and 5 specialty courses, the rescue diver course qualified me for my current level as Master Scuba Diver(MSD).

2012-08-20 17.14.38-10

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